Meet The Bikers For Trump, The RNC’s Harley-Riding Volunteer Security Squad

About 50 Donald Trump-supporting motorcyclists rolled out of the parking lot of the Rock-n-Roll City Harley-Davidson dealership this morning in Cleveland, headed to a rally where speakers such as the conspiracist radio host Alex Jones and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos would extoll the virtues of the…


Bernie Ecclestone Thinks Donald Trump Would Make A Great U.S. President

We already knew that NASCAR had a Donald Trump problem, but now it looks as if Formula One does as well—or, at least, head honcho Bernie Ecclestone, whose views are questionable no matter the subject. Recently, Ecclestone shared with us all that he believes Trump would make a “fantastic” U.S. president.

Was This Guy In A Triumph Shirt Really Attacked For Wearing A 'Trump' Shirt?

Isn’t it amazing how the elections bring out the best in our culture? This unidentified man claims on Facebook that he was just trying to walk into a Walmart when he was attacked for wearing a Triumph shirt. Too close to “Trump” for some people, he said. I’ve been unable to find out whether it’s real or fake, but it’s…


Donald Trump Has No Idea What America's Nuclear Triad Is

Donald Trump, who claims to be the “best on the military” among the 2016 Presidential candidates because he is the best at everything, apparently has no idea what the nuclear triad is. The revelation came during last night’s Presidential Debate when conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump a question about…