The Detroit Electric SP:01 Wants To Be The Fastest Electric Sports Car

The Detroit Electric SP:01, which is not made in Detroit, is aiming to be the fastest electric car in the world. To that end, the company just switched up the design, going from a coupe with a removable roof, to a sleek, sloping fastback. But will it be enough to beat the D? (Maybe. But it depends on the definition of… » 10/27/14 1:37pm 10/27/14 1:37pm

Detroit Electric Comes Back From The Dead To Make Yet Another Electric Lotus

Without even making an electric car themselves, Lotus has inadvertently made quite a few over the years. First there was the Tesla Roadster. Then Chrysler had the Europa based Circuit EV. There was a Detroit Electric-branded Elise a few years back. And now Detroit Electric is attempting a comeback with a limited… » 3/19/13 12:03pm 3/19/13 12:03pm

Driving The Detroit Electric Lotus Elise And Proton Persona

Our favorite Malaysian automotive journalist, Paul Tan » 9/02/08 4:20pm 9/02/08 4:20pm, has driven Detroit Electric's new battery-powered Lotus Elise. Partnering with Malaysian automaker Proton (the parent company of Lotus), Detroit Electric is attempting to revive itself by electrifying cars like this Lotus Elise and some Proton sedans and…