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Fisker Kept Taking Taxpayer Money Even After Defaulting On Their Loans

Here's a nice warm thought in case you're an American who filed your taxes recently: soon-t0-be-failed luxury hybrid manufacturer Fisker Automotive was allowed to receive loan money from the U.S. Department of Energy even after they violated the terms on multiple occasions, according to a new report. » 4/19/13 12:40pm 4/19/13 12:40pm

Has The Department Of Energy Been Playing Electric Car Company…

Small, California-based start-up automaker XP has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Energy that accuses the Department of outright favoritism to major established car manufacturers for federal grants and loans. The grants and loans are part of a program to encourage the development of electric vehicles, and… » 11/16/12 4:40pm 11/16/12 4:40pm

Researchers Continue Attempts To Turn Car Exhaust Into Power

The Department of Energy is funding research at GM and BMW, along with several partner universities, into a little-known technology called the thermoelectric generator. Internal combustion engines use a grand total of maybe 25-30% of the energy contained in gasoline for actual propulsion. Everything else is wasted… » 8/11/08 1:40pm 8/11/08 1:40pm

Plug It In, Plug It In: Plug-in Hybrids No Problem for Power Grid, Says…

According to the US Department of Ex—Oil Company Executives Energy in a new report yet to be published, the tangle of Christmas-tree lights known as the power grid can handle an upsurge in plug-in hybrids lickety split. The report, via The Car Connection, points out that by employing off-peak energy production via… » 12/14/06 2:46pm 12/14/06 2:46pm