Fisker Kept Taking Taxpayer Money Even After Defaulting On Their Loans

Here's a nice warm thought in case you're an American who filed your taxes recently: soon-t0-be-failed luxury hybrid manufacturer Fisker Automotive was allowed to receive loan money from the U.S. Department of Energy even after they violated the terms on multiple occasions, according to a new report. »4/19/13 12:40pm4/19/13 12:40pm


Has The Department Of Energy Been Playing Electric Car Company Favorites?

Small, California-based start-up automaker XP has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Energy that accuses the Department of outright favoritism to major established car manufacturers for federal grants and loans. The grants and loans are part of a program to encourage the development of electric vehicles, and… »11/16/12 4:40pm11/16/12 4:40pm

Government May Delay $25 Billion For Automakers Until Mid-2010

Apparently the Department of Energy is really slow when it comes to writing checks, as the Detroit News »9/26/08 3:30pm9/26/08 3:30pm now reports that Detroit automakers may not get their recently approved until mid-way through 2010. DOE spokesperson Healy Baumgardner said "there are a number of legal and administrative requirements with which…

Researchers Continue Attempts To Turn Car Exhaust Into Power

The Department of Energy is funding research at GM and BMW, along with several partner universities, into a little-known technology called the thermoelectric generator. Internal combustion engines use a grand total of maybe 25-30% of the energy contained in gasoline for actual propulsion. Everything else is wasted… »8/11/08 1:40pm8/11/08 1:40pm

Plug It In, Plug It In: Plug-in Hybrids No Problem for Power Grid, Says DOE

According to the US Department of Ex—Oil Company Executives Energy in a new report yet to be published, the tangle of Christmas-tree lights known as the power grid can handle an upsurge in plug-in hybrids lickety split. The report, via The Car Connection, points out that by employing off-peak energy production via… »12/14/06 2:46pm12/14/06 2:46pm

DOE Reports Power Grid Can Fuel Millions Of Plug-Ins, No Word On Whether GM Will Kill It

According to a Department of Energy (DOE) study released today, the nation's power grids can fuel millions of plug-in electric cars, and it estimated that if »12/11/06 1:47pm12/11/06 1:47pm

Wow, five whole percentage points — come on guys, let's all switch now! Oh wait, there's more, D'oh! The report does peg the total number of plug-ins the grid…