Kinga Drives Jalopnik: Yahoo! Driver Interviews Two Jalopnik Editors

While out at SEMA a few weeks ago, two of us had the opportunity to chat with the car-azily babe-a-licious Kinga Philipps of Yahoo!/CurrentTV's Driver channel. She asked all sorts of penetrating questions about what gets our pistons pumping (yes, we've got loads of hackneyed and tired double entendres if you want… »11/22/06 11:31am11/22/06 11:31am

Let's Get Meta: Yahoo! Driver Asks SEMA Attendees What SEMA Actually Stands For

KInga Phillips appears to have needed a momentary break from the SEMA coverage, rolling over to let her producin' and writin' teammate Eric Ledgin take over to ask an all-important question every attendee to the world's largest aftermarket showcase should know — what the hell does SEMA stand for? For the record… »11/14/06 5:05pm11/14/06 5:05pm

Yahoo! Driver's Kinga Philipps Takes FJ Cruiser Out, Comes Back SEMA- And Mud-Stained

Yes, we know Davey already drove the FJ Cruiser — and he did have a great review of a real off-road drive. But when Kinga Philipps, the Yahoo!/Current TV Driver channel's hostess with the mostest, took the FJ out into the "wilds" of ToMoCo's SEMA off-road course, it makes us stand straight up and pay attention in a… »11/09/06 7:18pm11/09/06 7:18pm