Steve Fossett's Spaceship-Like Land Speed Record Car For Sale

Before his death in 2007, adventurer Steve Fossett was readying an attempt to break the land speed record of 763 mph, using a vehicle from famed designer Craig Breedlove. Mothballed for two years, it's now up for sale. » 10/07/10 5:30pm 10/07/10 5:30pm

Land Speed Record Record...Recorded

Our historian-of-all-things-freakishly-fast pal Cole Coonce kicked down a link earlier today regarding the reissue of a record of Craig Breedlove's attempt to break the Land Speed Record. To get even more meta((l) circus) with the refs, H sker D 's SST labelmates the Descendents recorded a cover of "Wendy" by the… » 6/19/06 8:30pm 6/19/06 8:30pm

Sounds of a Record Breaking: Craig Breedlove's First Land Speed Record…

It's hard to remember a time when sound-effects records — like those of auto racing, bird calls and floor waxers (seriously) — were more popular than, well, other kinds of records. In fact, we don't remember that time at all, because we were (as grandma used to say) "with the angels." Fleetwood Sounds, a company that… » 6/19/06 1:48pm 6/19/06 1:48pm