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It's hard to remember a time when sound-effects records โ€” like those of auto racing, bird calls and floor waxers (seriously) โ€” were more popular than, well, other kinds of records. In fact, we don't remember that time at all, because we were (as grandma used to say) "with the angels." Fleetwood Sounds, a company that released some of the greats, has been re-releasing its old vinyl collection from the 1960s โ€” having since recreated the masters after a fire destroyed them in 1975. One of the results is this CD, an audio documentary about Craig Breedlove's first World Land Speed Record run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in "The Spirit of America" jet car in 1963. Put it on, pour yourself a highball, light up a Lucky, pat the dog, and slap the wife. It's like having the good old days digitized for your pleasure. [Thanks to Cole for the tip.]

407.45 Craig Breedlove World Land Speed Record [Fleetwood Sounds]

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