The Cole Foster/Kirk Hammett '36 Coupe Debuts!

We didn't go to Paso this year, but shout-outs to our pals who did. Instead, we hung out up at Cole Coonce's place, barbequed, marvelled at the glory of Bumbeck's Superleggera Starlet, drank Orangina, punked out, flirted with girls and watched the Summernationals with the sound off and the radio on. Meanwhile, Cole… » 6/01/06 4:00pm 6/01/06 4:00pm

Kirk Hammett's '36 Ford Out for Uphostery

We've been watching this car ever since our friend Cole Foster first sent us the Keith Weesner rendering back in 2002. The last time we saw it, in late July of '05, it was closer still to being finished. And now, after over three years of wrenching, it's out of the shop for upholstery and due to debut at Paso Robles… » 5/15/06 8:59pm 5/15/06 8:59pm