Quit Blaming The Dealer For Your Low Trade-In Offer

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent approximately 16 hours on commercial airplanes. This has given me ample time to read a wide range of automotive dealership complaints written by the kind of people who believe Applebee’s is fine dining. They seem to believe dealers are at fault for low trade-in offers. They’re wrong. » 8/18/15 2:50pm 8/18/15 2:50pm

A Different Kind of Christmas List: 7 Best Unreliable CarMax Cars

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is upon us, and I've decided to celebrate in my own special way: by getting violently ill. That's right: for the last few days, I've been moving around the house with approximately the same level of energy as a three-toed sloth in a zoo enclosure. ("Look honey! There he is!! … No,… » 12/25/14 2:00pm 12/25/14 2:00pm

Here’s What Happened When I Tried To Sell My Ferrari to CarMax

If you're a regular reader, you probably know that I write two frequent series here on Jalopnik. In one, I document all the problems I have with my used Range Rover, which I bought two years ago from CarMax with a bizarrely comprehensive six-year warranty. In the other, I tell you what it's like to own a used Ferrari » 10/29/14 3:10pm 10/29/14 3:10pm

CarMax Is Exactly The Same As Any Other Used Car Dealership

Back in June I reported that a number of consumer groups were pressuring the FTC to investigate CarMax for deceptive advertising. Yesterday an article from AOLautos revealed that more than 1500 consumer complaints have been filed against the dealership group, but is it really a big deal? » 8/06/14 1:56pm 8/06/14 1:56pm

The Craziest Unreliable Cars You Can Get With a CarMax Warranty

I've rounded up a few more exciting unreliable CarMax warranty-able cars for you to gawk at because the last time we did this you were all tremendously excited about the prospect of buying these exciting, historically unreliable used cars available with a long warranty. Prepare to get even more excited because I have … » 7/09/14 3:35pm 7/09/14 3:35pm

Consumer Groups Petition FTC to Investigate CarMax

CarMax might just be our favorite dealership for shopping out-of-warranty and notoriously expensive European hardware. The dealership chain is known for their friendly no-hassle sales and excellent warranties. But not all is well in CarMax country...11 consumer groups are asking the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to… » 6/25/14 1:59pm 6/25/14 1:59pm

Why is Jose Canseco pissed off at CarMax?

If you've been reading ballplayer-turned-martial-arts-asskicker Jose Canseco's Twitter posts (and of course you have), you already know he's been heartsick over a woman. And you now know he's seriously pissed off with used-car giant CarMax. Canseco's been Android tweeting from Burbank today, damning the used-car giant… » 9/23/11 3:30pm 9/23/11 3:30pm

Black Is In, Yellow Is Out When It Comes To Used Car Color Preferences

According to a somewhat non-scientific report by used car retailer CarMax, Black was the most frequently searched color for used car buyers in February with 36% of all searches, followed by white with 17%, blue with 11% and red with 10%. The four least popular colors were silver with 9%, gray with 6%, green with 4%… » 3/13/08 11:00am 3/13/08 11:00am