What Are The Best Winter Car Hacks?

In the frozen tundra formerly known as the eastern half of the United States, prepping your car for winter has never been more important. So, what are your best car hacks for surviving winter weather? » 2/20/15 11:32am 2/20/15 11:32am

​This Elaborate Automation Formula Controls Your Computer From Your Car

We've been promised lots of things in The Future. Some of are panning out (see: autonomous vehicles) and others are still pipe dreams (see: flying cars). But we're getting closer to Jetsons-style home automation, and one enterprising Mac nerd isn't waiting around for automakers and consumer electronics companies to… » 2/16/15 8:15pm 2/16/15 8:15pm

This Artist-Made Soviet-Era Car Is Amazing

Getting a car in the Soviet Union of the 1970s was very similar to not getting a car in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Most of the time was spent not having a car. Waiting lists could be a decade long, and most people just waited it out. But not Boris Karavkin, an artist from Minsk. He just built his own damn car. » 2/11/15 9:30pm 2/11/15 9:30pm

This Rambler American Hot Rod Is Everything Right About Hot Rods

Like so many things that once started as unique, very personal creations, many Hot Rods have now become things that fit rigidly into certain categories of design and construction. There's strict rules for what is, say, a Rat Rod or what constitutes a 'true' T-Bucket. Tom Jennings' Rambler doesn't follow these rules,… » 12/19/14 5:30pm 12/19/14 5:30pm

Finally, A Way To Use A Typewriter To Check Wheel Roundness

Think, for a moment, about all the tools you use to repair and maintain your car. Now, let me ask you something: what kind of typewriter are you using to check your wheel runout? Wait — you don't use a typewriter for any of your auto maintenance? Are you nuts? » 12/15/14 5:14pm 12/15/14 5:14pm

Can You Use A Canned Ham As A Bumper Guard?

As an auto journalist, I get a lot of questions asked of me. "What car should I buy for my ornithologist?" "Why don't cars have good spittoons anymore?" and, the one I get most, "Can I used a canned ham or potted meat to protect my car's bumpers?" Well, friends, I finally set out to answer this question. With science. » 12/05/14 1:30pm 12/05/14 1:30pm

Is This USB Thumb Drive To Car Key Idea Useful At All?

I had an idea recently that initially seemed like a good idea, but got worse and worse the more I thought about it. Even so, I think there's still the germ of something useful in here, and, since I trust you, my dashing readers, I thought I may as well bring it up. It's about using a USB flash drive as a car key. For… » 10/06/14 9:15pm 10/06/14 9:15pm

The Kurdish Homemade Tanks May Look Funny But They're No Joke

There's been a lot of attention on the internet recently to the funny-looking home-made tanks Kurdish forces have been building to help with their fight against ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever we call that pack of assholes. Most of that attention has been, frankly, ridicule. I'm not so sure that ridicule is warranted here. » 9/29/14 5:07pm 9/29/14 5:07pm

This Will Be The Best Rambler American Roadster Hot Rod Ever

Let me just be up front here and admit my bias: I know Tom Jennings, and love the guy. He was on my LeMons race team, and is a good friend. He's also the guy I look up to most for any hands-on project. I think "what would Tom do?" and then usually screw it up. And he's building this really interesting Rambler hot rod. » 9/04/14 4:19pm 9/04/14 4:19pm

Can We Emulate An Aston Martin Lagonda's CRT Dash?

One of the most infamous traits of the already pretty infamous Aston Martin Lagonda was its then-revolutionary CRT-based dashboard. Real computer raster displays on the dash, all the way back in 1986. These were incredibly unreliable, and were abandoned quickly, but I think they're fascinating. » 9/01/14 4:00pm 9/01/14 4:00pm

How To Make A Used Mercedes S-Class More Luxurious Than Most New Cars

A little more than a year ago, I bought a W220 Mercedes S-Class, and although it was a somewhat luxurious car, it was never the next-level of luxury and opulence that I had hoped for in my initial $3000 purchase. Here's how I changed that. » 8/25/14 4:16pm 8/25/14 4:16pm

Wirelessly Hacking--And Unlocking--Cars Is Easier Than It Should Be

At the Black Hat security conference later this week, an Australian security researcher will reveal a method for wirelessly unlocking a car with nothing but some radio equipment and ingenuity. It's not an easy hack, and there are a lot of caveats. But it's certainly a lot easier than it should be. See for yourself. » 8/04/14 11:52am 8/04/14 11:52am

This Simple Hack Lets Your Mercedes S-Class Become Semi-Autonomous

The Mercedes S-Class is an amazing technological achievement, but thanks to regulations, it can't be considered autonomous. But this simple hack changes all of that. » 7/29/14 6:03pm 7/29/14 6:03pm

Turn Your Lighter Plug Into A Tach With Only An Oscilloscope And Math!

If you're in the somewhat unlikely predicament of having a car with no tachometer but you do have an oscilloscope handy, this hack is for you. I'm actually in that situation, but my 'scope is so old I'm not sure if I can make this work. Even so, it's pretty fascinating. » 6/10/14 10:30pm 6/10/14 10:30pm

Guy Hacks His Truck So He's His Own Transmission Computer

I love this guy. I can tell this without even watching the video, and justly looking at that de-padded dash, those gauges crammed into the dash holes, and, most importantly, those three wall-light switches screwed into the dash. Those three switches and the guy's brain are now the computer that shifts the car. » 6/04/14 4:14pm 6/04/14 4:14pm

The Hackmobile Has Everything You Need To Make Anything You Want

I desperately want – no need – a compact commercial van. There's just something about an all-in-one, hauling, sleeping, road-tripping machine that hits all the right fuck-you-society spots. And now I have a template for the support vehicle. It's a Transit Connect Wagon built by DIYers and filled with lots of silly… » 5/16/14 3:00pm 5/16/14 3:00pm

A Tribute To The Cigarette Lighter Plug, The Original Car Hack

We've covered a number of car hacks here, but I feel like the absolute best hack in all of motoring history has been ignored. It's something that's become so common, so mundane, that we forget just how incredibly clever it really is: the cigarette lighter 12V power outlet. » 5/08/14 6:30pm 5/08/14 6:30pm

Meet The First Mini Paceman That Doesn't Totally Suck

From Truck Yeah: Pickup truck conversions usually end up coming out as abominable hack jobs, or more rarely asrolling works of art. But this Mini Paceman Pickup custom-built by trainees at a Munich BMW store just looks like a lot of fun. » 4/24/14 12:19pm 4/24/14 12:19pm