Supplies! Brembo Buys Hayez Lemmerz' Brake Division

Brembo North America, maker of the car parts that stop bad rich drivers from killing themselves in their Porches, has just purchased the Automotive Brake Components division of Hayes Lemmerz (the largest maker of commercial wheels in the world). The move should make Brembo brakes better, faster and (hopefully) cheaper… » 11/09/07 11:45am 11/09/07 11:45am

Yes, Brakes: Lexus Makes Deal with Brembo

If brakes were shoes, Italy's Brembo would be Bruno Magli. (Well, considering there's already a shoe element to brakes, substitute "handbag" for "shoes" and Prada for Bruno Magli. Now go.) Sure, they're quality stoppers, but they're also the best-branded specimens on the market. And Lexus knows it. So it's no surprise… » 4/13/07 2:45pm 4/13/07 2:45pm