Join Jalopnik On Facebook, Win A Piece Of An Audi Race Car

Want to win a piece of the Audi R10 that Scott Tucker raced at Le Mans? We'll randomly select a winner from the commenters on the "Audi R10 Part" thread on our official Jalopnik Facebook fan page. Details below. » 6/24/10 2:00pm 6/24/10 2:00pm

The Luckiest Photo I've Ever Taken

Audi R10 TDI, Road America, 2006. I was halfway into a piece of pie and nearly missed the leaders coming around. Yanked the camera up and didn't even look through the viewfinder. I bought a lottery ticket the same day. » 5/26/10 5:15pm 5/26/10 5:15pm

Audi R8 V10 Priced From $146K

The Audi R8 V10 has finally gotten a price to to go with it's extra cylinders and, at $146,000, it's kind of a bargain considering the V8 version can easily flirt with that figure. » 7/24/09 4:00pm 7/24/09 4:00pm

24 Hours Of Le Mans 2009: Stunning Mega-Gallery

While Americans are reinventing endurance racing in a dadaist manner, Europeans are still doing their thing at Le Mans, 86 years after the first race. And it was Audi vs. Peugeot yet again. Warning: spoilers. » 6/16/09 8:30am 6/16/09 8:30am

Steve McQueen's Other Car: the Jaguar XKSS

The chestnut brown 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso wasn't the only barely-disguised race car McQueen drove on public roads: there's also this canvas-topped 1956 XKSS Le Mans racer. » 5/18/09 11:00am 5/18/09 11:00am

Audi R15 Kicks Ass at First Official Sebring Test

In preparation for Saturday’s 12 hour race, featuring 58-year-old Hans-Joachim Stuck in the GT2 class in a Porsche, Audi has put their new cars on the track, decimating the opposing Peugeots. » 3/17/09 12:30pm 3/17/09 12:30pm

Audi R8 V10: Full Details, More Images

Let all the hearsay and rumor cease, the puppet masters at VW have released the complete details on the Audi R8 V10 just in time for Christmas the Detroit Auto Show. The R8 V10 is a 5.2-liter affair generating officially, 517 HP at a heady 8,000 RPM and 390 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 RPM. All that grunt serves to… » 12/09/08 12:00pm 12/09/08 12:00pm

Behind Audi's Biodiesel Victory At The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

One of the more interesting but overlooked facts from the 2008 24 Hours of Le Mans was that the Audi R10 TDI cars not only ran, but won, on a mixture of Shell V-Power Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) racing diesel and a newly designed Biomass-to-Diesel (BTL) fuel. We've been fascinated with prospects of biomass diesel since taking… » 6/26/08 12:30pm 6/26/08 12:30pm

2009 Audi R8 V10 Production-Ready On The 'Ring

Another day, another Audi R8 tearing up the Nürburgring, right? Well, look closer, because this is actually a new version of Ingolstadt's supercar. The 'ring-obsessed guys over at Bridge To Gantry say this is the much-anticipated V10-powered model, and though we can't see what's in the engine bay or hear the exhaust… » 6/18/08 9:40am 6/18/08 9:40am

Auto Union Type C

The LeMans-dominating Audi R10 is an incomparable engineering spectacle. Honed from the finest materials and tested by banks of supercomputers before the first part was even crafted, the LeMans Prototype car is only now being challenged three years after its birth by an improved Porsche RS Spyder. The irony here is… » 4/22/08 12:00pm 4/22/08 12:00pm