Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Is So Dreamy

Ok, we can't get enough of the Alfa 8C Spider. It's just too beautiful. So why stop at the mere pictures from yesterday? Let's add us some official video of the unveil for you to sink your teeth into. No, the car doesn't move. No, you can't hear the sonorous V8. No, we don't understand what that guy is saying. But do… » 3/06/08 3:30pm 3/06/08 3:30pm

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Rears Its Extremely Pretty Head

It's not often that I quickly look past blonde and presumably Italian (or maybe Swiss) "booth professionals," but the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider has that affect on a man. Yes, friends, the highly anticipated Geneva debut of the Spider is finally here. This car has the same 450 HP 4.7-liter V8 as its brother, the 8C… » 3/05/08 3:45pm 3/05/08 3:45pm

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Production Model Revealed, Coming To Geneva

If you're the type that prefers the looks of a drop-top to a coupe, then this should make your day. These are the first shots of a production model spider of the Alfa Romeo 8C that will be shown at Geneva next month and yes, it's the drop-top version of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Wert fell in love with this summer. … » 2/19/08 11:20am 2/19/08 11:20am