Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Is So Dreamy

Ok, we can't get enough of the Alfa 8C Spider. It's just too beautiful. So why stop at the mere pictures from yesterday? Let's add us some official video of the unveil for you to sink your teeth into. No, the car doesn't move. No, you can't hear the sonorous V8. No, we don't understand what that guy is saying. But do we care? No. We just want to stare at it. Forever. We think we hear it in a dark expo center in Geneva as it cries out to us "I love you!" Or that may have just been us.

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Btw, the announcer just says: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the most beautiful Alfa in over 50 years.

@ bizzychris -

tastes vary, but the trademark triangular grille gives Alfas something of a feline appearance. Most people seem to like that.

Lancia uses a very similar but larger shape for its grilles. They feature an extra kink in the horizontal line and the left and right halves are angled backwards. That makes the whole thing look like a parrot's beak, which I happen not to like. It's surprising how significant such subtle cues can be.