The Best Cars For Wasting Time In Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is the worst thing that can possibly befall anybody in a car. Okay, there are worse things, but being brought to an absolute halt is still pretty bad. If you do get stuck in traffic, then, you're going to want plenty of distractions. » 7/21/13 5:00pm 7/21/13 5:00pm

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: This Is The Front Of It

The S-Class has led the way in car tech for decades. As Top Gear has said, if you want to know what tech will be in your car in 10 years time, just look at the latest S-Class. Well, here's a new one. The trickle down is about to begin again. » 4/30/13 11:51am 4/30/13 11:51am

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class Offers Cloud-Based Infotainment And Hot…

Ever since the Maybach debuted, the Mercedes S-Class has slightly lacked in top-of-the-line prestige at Daimler-Benz. Judging by these interior shots of the new 2014 W222 S-Class, it looks like that’s finally changed. Now it's more like the hi-tech interior of a private jet, just as it should be. » 3/18/13 3:11pm 3/18/13 3:11pm