The Best Cars For Wasting Time In Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is the worst thing that can possibly befall anybody in a car. Okay, there are worse things, but being brought to an absolute halt is still pretty bad. If you do get stuck in traffic, then, you're going to want plenty of distractions.


The 2014 Mercedes S-Class will have a metric crapton of gadgets and gizmos, and if you're in the back seat (because you have a driver, obviously) and find yourself stuck in traffic, then your boredom is your own damn fault. As you can see in the video above, it's got TVs, a massage function, a remote thingy you can play with, a built in wi-fi hotspot, email and internet programs, and kajillions of grains in the wood to count. To fully road test it you'd have to spend one day driving it, and another just sitting in that giant two-person sculpted couch that sits in the rear.


That being said, the Mercedes is the obvious choice. Surely there are better ones at there, ones that don't come equipped with silly remote doohickeys when all you want is a simple button. If you had to kill a whole bunch of time while you're stuck in traffic, which car would you most want to be in? Show us below in the comments!

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If I'm stuck in traffic, I might as well start fixing dinner. The kitchen in this '56 Cadillac has a refrigerator, hot plate, toaster and even a kitchen sink.