Vengeance Power Engine

Our favorite engine at the 2009 SAE World Congress was this awesome piece of engineering from Vengeance Power. It borrows concepts from several different kinds of engines and improves on them in certain aspects. Think of it like a sliding vane superchager improved in every possible way and made to burn fuel. The engine … » 4/21/09 4:08pm 4/21/09 4:08pm

Honda Insight 1.3 L i-VTEC and 10 kW Motor

It might be a tiny little thing, but the 2010 Honda Insight's 1.3 liter four cylinder with an integrated 10 kW motor/generator is a big part of why the Insight is both efficient and relatively cheap. It does have some fancy tech though, with i-DSI or intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition, as evidenced by each… » 4/21/09 3:10pm 4/21/09 3:10pm

Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI V8

You didn't think we'd leave the Mopar-maniacs out of the fun did you? Say what you will about the Dodge Ram or other Chrysler products the HEMI V8 goes into, but the 5.7 liter unit in the Ram is quite a nice piece. It's got a 10:1 compression ratio, variable valve timing, coil-on-plug ignition, aluminum cylinder heads… » 4/21/09 2:18pm 4/21/09 2:18pm