2009 SAE: We'll Do Anything To Hit CAFE Targets

The pressure's on for engineers at the 2009 SAE World Congress to come up with novel ways to help automakers meet and exceed future 35 MPG CAFE targets, but a balloon car? Ridiculous!


One of the things we didn't expect to see here at the 2009 SAE World Congress amidst the seas of pocket protectors, and twenty-year-old eyeglasses was a full-sized, seemingly functional balloon car. Yes, that is a real balloon, yes that is a real tube, and yes the cart actually rolls. Unfortunately we're pretty sure the tube is plugged so there's no way to let this baby rip.

It's actually a clever prop to let everyone know there's something called the "Jet Toy Olympics" happening this Wednesday which features 500 elementary students racing their balloon cars for fortune and glory. Mostly glory.

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