2009 Mazda6 Pricing To Start At $19,220, V6 At $24,800

As we suspected, Mazda North America will be pricing the base 2009 Mazda6 under $20,000: $19,220 for the four-cylinder model, to be exact. Need more power? Pick up a V6 model starting at $24,800. Those prices include destination charges, which you can probably waive if you want to take a vacation to Flat Rock,… » 7/22/08 10:40am 7/22/08 10:40am

Ford Slashing Mondeo Price In China, But What Does This Have To Do With…

There were 5 million domestically produced cars sold in China in the first half of the year, meaning that if you can't sell cars in China, you should get out of the car-selling business. And to that end, Ford is cutting the price of its 2008 Mondeo by approximately $3,000 to around $25,000, which is a huge drop in a… » 6/12/08 10:40am 6/12/08 10:40am

2009 Mazda6 Pricing Revealed In Online Survey, Starts Under $20,000

Looks like Mazda is shopping around pricing and package options among its most die hard fans (like Zach at Mazda6club.com) and there is quite a range of trim and options. Spread across seven different option levels, the Mazda6 looks like it will start in the neighborhood of $19,850 for the Mazda6 i SV with the 170 HP… » 5/08/08 9:40am 5/08/08 9:40am

2009 Mazda6 Interior Pics Emerge From The Frozen North

Though now we're waiting for info on the European 2010 Mazda6 MPS, we've still been waiting for more pics of the North American 2009 Mazda6. Thankfully, the Canadians were nice enough to post them to their Mazda site. Thanks Canada. As you'll remember, the North American Mazda6 gets the 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder… » 5/06/08 2:40pm 5/06/08 2:40pm