RIDES Magazine's Genesis Is An Apple Fanboy's Dream Car

Even with the Three Dimensions body kit, the exterior of the RIDES Magazine Hyundai Genesis »10/22/08 7:35pm10/22/08 7:35pm looks fairly stock. But step inside and you'll find they've made it an Apple fanboy's dream sedan. The four-door has three Mac computers (including a MacBook Air and two Mac minis), an iPod touch and an iPhone 3G. Passengers…

2009 Hyundai Genesis Earns Five-Star NHTSA Crash Test Scores

The new 2009 Hyundai Genesis »8/28/08 10:20am8/28/08 10:20am has aced NHTSA's crash testing, scoring five stars in both frontal- and side-impact testing. The Korean automaker attributes its high scores to the use of high-strength steel at critical points throughout the Genesis' body structure, coupled with electronic active head restraints and…

Motive Pits Hyundai Genesis Against Mercedes E-Class, Will Our Expectations Survive?

Like most of us, the guys at Motive are interested in seeing how the new 2009 Hyundai Genesis stacks up against it's German rivals when compared side-by-side. So, they got their hands on a Genesis and brought along a Mercedes E550 to see if Hyundai really has the beginnings of a top-tier luxury brand. Obviously, the… »7/02/08 10:20am7/02/08 10:20am

2009 Hyundai Genesis Priced Starting At $33,000, Most Expensive Kimchi Ever

Well, remember yesterday how we talked about the 2009 Hyundai Genesis being a value proposition at a sub-$30,000 price point with a V8? Well, Automotive News is reporting Hyundai Motor America has priced the new Genesis luxury sedan at $33,000 for the V6 version and $38,000 for the V8. Both prices include shipping. Do… »5/28/08 4:00pm5/28/08 4:00pm

2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Spied Testing In Ann Arbor With New, Less-Effective Organic Camo

Given that we've seen a lot of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis, you'd think we wouldn't care if one was spotted out on the streets. But thanks to Hyundai's ever-changing grille designs we're actually quite intrigued and are therefore grateful that good ol' "larithmos" over at the Motive Mag forums managed to snap these… »4/16/08 10:00am4/16/08 10:00am

First Hyundai Genesis Customers Bewildered By Low Price Tag

It looks like this pair of 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedans got a bit tipsy on the way to their upcoming luxury-party crash. What you see here is a pair of early production or pre-production Genesi that were probably on their way to something important in Korea. Somehow along the way the truck carrying the black and silver… »3/25/08 9:30am3/25/08 9:30am

2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spotted Before New York Auto Show Reveal

We saw the 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe in concept form out at the LA Auto Show this past year, and we'll be seeing the new hotness from Hyundai for real in the warm lights of the Javits Center at the New York Auto Show next month. But for the moment, we'll have to make do with the folks at KGP snapping some shots of… »2/21/08 3:30pm2/21/08 3:30pm

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercials Online; Halftime Show Still Live

If you're not a football fan, you may have just lost one reason for watching the big game this Sunday night (unless you're going to be watching in anticipation of a Tom Petty wardrobe malfunction). That's right, we've got the highly anticipated Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ads right here, right now. »2/01/08 8:30am2/01/08 8:30am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan To Challenge Luxury Market, With Or Without Peter Gabriel

(ED NOTE: Mucho many pics of the Hyundai Genesis are here for your invisible touch) We finally have the details and official pics of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis, the RWD luxury automobile that promises to challenge $60,000 luxury autos at half the price (no shock, it looks like the Genesis we already showed you). The… »1/08/08 12:01am1/08/08 12:01am