Super Bowl Ad Watch: Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercials Online; Halftime Show Still Live

If you're not a football fan, you may have just lost one reason for watching the big game this Sunday night (unless you're going to be watching in anticipation of a Tom Petty wardrobe malfunction). That's right, we've got the highly anticipated Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ads right here, right now.

The Korean automaker's two new 30-sec spots take dead aim at German (rival?) automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz and a tiny little swipe at Lexus (also rival?). Smugly touting their new 375hp V8, Hyundai is obviously trying to appeal to a more demanding clientèle and taking a little bit of an understated approach to the whole glitz-and-glam we normally expect from big budget big game ads. We think there will be quite a few people second-guessing their luxo-badge-snobbery come Sunday. And hey, does it seem like Hyundai's finally picked a front grille for the Genesis?

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If you are the middle management type who is going nowhere, you know, the kind that just goes to his cube like it's a prison cell every morning, does an ok job, and goes home to an unappreciative family, this just might be the perfect car for you. No more BMW 3 series, you want the luxury and performance of a 7 series!

But wait, buying a car named genesis is a new thought. And you don't think on your own. You haven't been an individual since you wore that hideous christmas sweater to high school and everyone made fun of you. Best be safe than relive that episode, which is why you went to a mediocre college and earned a mediocre Business degree. Back to the BMW dealership for you, with all the other sheep.