Zagato-Tuned Spyker C12 La Turbie to Show in Geneva

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Spyker always shakes up the Geneva auto show with some extreme craziness that leads to wild murmuring among assembled journos. Last year it was the Peking-to-Paris SUV, which looked like a Porsche Cayenne that fell in with a crowd of feral Jaguar XKEs. This year, however, the company's back to mother earth, with a special edition of its C12 La Turbie, created with Italian design house Zagato. Company CEO Victor Muller says that car will take its cues from the company's new F1 racers. Every one of the 25 cars to be built have been sold, each for $345,625, so displaying it is more for teasing's sake. (Note: standard C12 La Turbie pictured.)

Zagato tekent nieuwe Spyker [Autogelegraaf]

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dotorg greg

La Turbie would be the location of one of the better car chases caught on film, John Frankenheimer's Ronin.

The backroad chase, with that MB450SE 6.9, and the explosions in the little town? La Turbie. just up the Grand Corniche from Monaco, the road where Grace Kel— so anyway, a town with a history of fast driving.