Your Wonderful Stories Of How Cars Saved Your Relationships

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It’s kind of funny how lifeless hunks of metal can become such large parts of our lives. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time around cars, we can’t help but to integrate ourselves with them. And because most of us are social animals, of course some aspects of our relationships have been directly impacted by cars.


Last week, I asked you how cars have saved those relationships. Or, alternatively, how a car has saved you.

What can I say? When you take care of a car, it will take care of you.

Step By Step (ToastedTires)

It all starts with Jeeps.

Road Trips (elgordo47)

Happy you’re in a good place now, friend.


Automotive Therapist (Volpe Italiana)

Cars don’t talk in words. They don’t need to.


Abroad (KiloCharlie)

Good BMW.


Just Cars In General (Foreverthesidekick)

Building more than engines.


Tell ‘Em! (Gaseous Clay)

Sounds like you learned a lot, good for you!


D’awww (Nobi)

Love LOVE the photo!


Datsun (needsblinkerfluid)

I’m so happy that it’s a red Datsun, too.


Hard Work Pays Off (Chevypower3)

Sharing a project does wonders for bringing people together.


Boss (Rosin)

Terrific impression, I’m sure.


Three Generations (slicks30)

This made me smile.

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