Your True Stories Of Driving Cars With Way Too Much Power

Image credit: The Fast and the Furious
Image credit: The Fast and the Furious

When we have a stretch of empty road ahead of us, the temptation to hammer down on that gas pedal is a strong one. It doesn’t matter if the car or bike has 14 horsepower or 1,400 horsepower, because sometimes power is simply too much power.


My experience was in a 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition. I floored that bastard from a stoplight and swore I saw the sun start moving from west to east. Then I thought I probably shouldn’t do that anymore with other cars around.

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Also, I noticed that the Dodge Viper was mentioned more than any other car here. This is the car that Dodge may or may not be killing? Seems like a damn shame.

LIGHTPOLE! (turbo_corolla)

Brothers, man. Can’t live with them can’t live without them.


Who Left This Rubber Here? (CakeisbetterthanPie)

Stripped for parts and then crushed. That’s probably what happened.


Viper Story No. 1 (Zoom)

A tale of the beastly first-gen Viper.


Viper Story No. 2 (gudnuff)

Taking the snake to prom.


Dead Man’s Curve (rdcyclist)

There’s something about those plucky British cars.


Hulk-Smashin’ The Clutch (Elhigh)

Bad idea.


Anything With ‘SRT’ In Its Name (Bigger Putz)

You need those big brakes for that big power. SRT for Super Real Time.


Roarin’ Vettes (Cunning Linguist)

“Don’t be afraid to mash it.” Famous last words.


Adrenalin Rush (Opa Brummbaer)

Smooth! Effortless! WAY TOO FAST!


I, Uh, Meant To Do That (Oops I divided by zero)

Things do come full circle.


Those Damn GT-Rs (Craig)

No, the car was stock...


Helmets Are Good (Picarso)

Did the bike survive?


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My first motorcycle was a Ninja ZX7R. That should say it all. I still remember my head sliding across the asphalt long enough for me to actually think “I am really glad I am wearing a helmet” as I watched my bike slide off road through gravel and into a ditch. Memories.

I ride and while I’m lucky to say I have never crashed one (There are two kinds of riders, those that have crashed and those who have not crashed yet) ive been told that you really think of some obscure, not in the moment shit, while sliding.