Image credit: Date Night, 20th Century Fox

Boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes come and go, but you’ll always remember the cars that shuttled them through your life. And in a lot of cases, they’re more memorable than the flings were.

Last week, I asked you to tell me stories of your most memorable car dates. You responded with stories of hilarity, disaster and touching truthfulness.

These are a good read. Take a look.

Home For The Rain (ShadowPryde)

It’s sinking!

Third Car’s The Charm (Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness)

Cars come and go, but memories never fade.

“Reunion At Willow Springs” (Geepney)

A common love of cars unites us all.

The One (vondon302)

Meet me at the dragstrip.

The Sierra (shop-teacher)

That good old truck.

Penguin, MD (Teh Penguin of Doom)

Oh, honey.

Neutral (Rando-Mononym)

Yeah, so, cars roll when they are in neutral.

The Faster One (m)

Put your trust in the lap time.

Florida! (SmugAardvark)

P.S. I loved your S2000 vs. Alligator story.

“The Phantom Fingers” (panthercougar)

A proper foot in the mouth moment.

Call Her Back, Dammit (Istillcallitshea)

You’ll never know what the consequences will be.

Suffocation (anoftz)

Weed. Not even once.

Road Trip! (Vladimir “Polonium 210" Putin)

Those long distance trips really make you talk to one another.

Fault (Rusty Starship)

Good thing the cop was there?

Brave Driver (PaulW)

Brave for chilling while NYC traffic surges around you.

“Thanks, BMW” (needsblinkerfluid)