Your Ridiculously Awesome Toyota Supra Wallpaper Is Here

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I have lusted after the MKIV Toyota Supra since before I could legally drive, so I was happy to see it get some attention on Jalopnik lately.


Earlier this week, we got to see Matt Farah test-drive a 700-horsepower version of the car. Unfortunately, the Supra also made our list of most tasteless tuner cars when it is equipped with the 4509 GTR setup from Veilside, a Japanese bodykit company founded with the apparent goal of ruining Japanese cars. (And if you think the kit looks good, allow me to correct you: it does not look good.)

It seems the poor Supra has become like a newer, more expensive Honda CRX; it's an outstanding car, but good luck finding one that hasn't been molested by tuners to varying degrees of success.

I thought I would take the opportunity to remind you folks what a proper Supra should look like. This excellent wallpaper comes to us from our friends Calvin Lee and Brandon Shuttlesworth over at Top Speed Photography. These Oklahoma City-based gentlemen have an outstanding collection of automotive photos on their website, and they say they're fans of Jalopnik, so you know they have good taste. Be sure and check them out.

Click here for a giganto-desktop version.

Photo credit Top Speed Photography. Image used with permission.


Nhat-Viet Phi

Is it just me, or is that a large wallpaper which happens to have a lot of jaggies?? Just look over the hood and roof...