Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW i3 Wallpaper Is Here

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Do you hear that? What you're (not) hearing is the sound of an electric car that isn't a Tesla. BMW's i3 is made of carbon fiber and drives like a dream.

If you had told us last month that we'd be drooling over a photo of an electric car in Long Island, we'd have laughed in your face. But thanks to photographer Matt Kalish, we're eating our words.


Kalish told us:

BMW sells the i3 with the tagline "Hello Future" in the US. So we thought, what better place to celebrate the future of the 21st century than one of the places that made the future of the 20th century possible?

We drove out to Grumman's former R&D facility on Long Island and took some photos. Everything from the Navy Hellcat and Tomcat to the Lunar Excursion Module were built here. This place has a history with high technology

It also doesn't hurt that there is a ridiculous amount of empty land around the old airfield. Its a fun place to shoot in - one of my favorite spots to take a customer.

Photo credit to Matt Kalish. Used with permission. For the desktop size version of this photo click here.

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These cars have the tiniest tires on them, it only just hit me as I watched one park last week at a C&C meet.

I'm not even going to go on about the electric car drivers and how the vast majority of them are stuck up snobs that have horribly wrong views of the world, but I'll just say that Darwin is not backing down, putting those skinny ass tires on them.

The contact patch of all four wheels of an i3 is about equal to 2/3 the contact patch of my rear wheels on my Magnum. Seriously, 155/60 profile tires on a 3000lb car? I understand the whole rolling resistance thing, but in the event that the driver actually needs to STOP THE VEHICLE, those 155 tires might just not have the bite.