Your Ridiculously Awesome 500 Horsepower Club Wallpaper Is Here

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Photo: Kristen Lee
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We live in an era when 500 horsepower is no longer the exclusive purview of supercars. This isn’t a bad thing. There’s more performance out there than ever before, and it’s more accessible than it’s ever been. And this trio represents the really diverse ways to get to 500 horses.

When Team Jalopnik gathered some cars for a staff track day earlier this year, we wanted to go hard. We ended up picking (read: were given by automakers) three very different cars that all had similar power outputs, and were nothing to sneeze at when driven in anger around Monticello Motor Club. 

The first is the Acura NSX, the wonderful hybrid supercar rated at 573 HP. Then we had the 526 HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. Finally, we had a real oddball in the form of the BMW X4 M Competition, which despite its goofy looks is nothing to mess with at 503 HP.


This photo from our own Kristen Lee shows the many different ways you drive something with more than 500 HP. Which would you pick?

Click this link for the full-size version.

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