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“Code Brown! Code Brown!” screams your internal monologue as instinct takes over and you try to save yourself from the inevitable spin-out/crash. And miraculously, you do. Somehow.

Last week, I asked you for your narrowest saves. The one that made you thank the gods, both known and unknown. What saved you? Was it your own reflexes? Sheer dumb luck? Or was it some higher power at work?

We may never know. We’re only grateful that we lived to tell the tale. I feel that I should also remind you all to do your speeding on racetracks only! There is no need to be putting yourself and others in danger for a few moments of adrenaline.

And with that in mind...

Bike VS Jeep (TheRawhideKid)

Gotta keep an eye on those pink Jeeps.

Don’t Drink And Drive (needsblinkerfluid)

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink and drive.

Free Pass (Austin)

But no more after this one.

Corkscrew (BTDUBS)

How was it backwards?

Extra Coat Of Paint (IKnowMyCarIsAnEconomyCarWithATurboOnIt)

It was that close.

It Didn’t Seem Like Anything Was Wrong... (Halicadd) first.

Trees, Trees Everywhere (ateamfan42)

How did you not die?

There Are Moose Tests For A Reason (Lazyandtired)

When you’re as big as a moose, there’s no reason to give a shit.

Turkey (ITDriver)

They are quite large.

T-Bone (DonVanSin)

I feel shaken just from reading this.



Graupel (msnovtue)

*searches Google for “graupel.”* Ah, I see.

Damn Deer (David Tennant’s Ego)

They are rats with hooves and I hate them.