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Most new cars these days have some form of smartphone connectivity, whether it’s Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but no one has figured out how to actually embed that operating system into their vehicle. Until now, at least. Porsche is including Apple Music in the all-electric Taycan so its drivers can enjoy their tunes without having to connect their phone.

That said, you’ll still have to be an Apple Music subscriber, which costs anywhere from $5 to $15 a month. If you already have Apple Music, that’s great. If you need to buy it, well, it still costs the same as a Spotify subscription.


Here’s more from Porsche’s press release:

From the touchscreen display in the Porsche Advanced Cockpit, Apple Music subscribers can stream over 50 million songs ad-free, thousands of curated playlists, and the Beats 1 global livestream with three-year complimentary in-car internet data. This is the first-ever full integration of Apple Music in any vehicle.

Drivers who already have an iPhone will have some extra benefits from Apple CarPlay support: you can connect your iPhone to get updated traffic readings on your GPS, make calls, and send text messages. If you have a Samsung, I guess you’ll just have to deal (Porsche’s CEO says 80 percent of Porsche drivers have iPhones, according to The Verge)—but at least you’ll have some Apple jams to keep you company.

Porsche’s plan is to almost use the Taycan as a test site before it attempts to integrate a CarPlay app into other vehicles that could support the system, TechCrunch reports.


It’s a cool move from Porsche, and as The Verge reports, a sign of Apple trying to make more of its money from streaming, even if that means getting its services embedded on non-Apple devices like, you know, whole cars.

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