You Wish Your Hummer Could Do This: Pinzgauer!

So far, all the Down On The Alameda Street cars have been, well, cars. But old trucks are cool, too, and it goes without saying that we approve of any street-driven vehicle with six-wheel-drive...


I've seen this thing around town enough to know that the owner doesn't just dust it off for the occasional car show; this war wagon goes out and gets the groceries!

See, all those SUV posers who say they "need" four-wheel-drive when we all know their tires have never left asphalt... the Pinzgauer lets them know their ersatz-o-phalli come up woefully short.


But you know if The Big One hits, this thing is going to be cruising over the rubble like so many speed bumps!


Now, if we had one of these as the Official Jalopnik Staff Car (we're working on it, though they're still balking on getting us an Official Staff Trabant) we'd pretty much have to put spinners on all six wheels and as many 9' whip antennas as we could fit.


The Steyr logo indicates this Pinzgauer was built before 1985; perhaps some of our all-wise commenters can give us a more accurate date on this vehicle.

Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle [Wikipedia]

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