You Now Get Free Unlimited Supercharging With Your New Tesla Model S Or X (Again)

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One of the big early selling points of the Tesla Model S was free, unlimited access to Tesla’s Supercharging network. After being limited to referrals before being axed entirely, free lifetime Supercharging is back for all new Tesla Model S and Model X orders.


That’s according to a tweet from Tesla:

It’s unclear if this is a limited-time promotion or here to stay, but we’ve reached out to Tesla and will update with further comments. (Update: Tesla says this is an ongoing benefit for its premium models and is not limited to a specific time period).

Tesla has used unlimited Supercharging as an incentive before, offering it on used Model S and Model X inventory. In this case, the company may be pushing buyers toward the flagship products instead of the Model 3.

Sales of the Model S have fallen this year, no doubt in part because of the increased focus on the Model 3 and some degree of cannibalization by the smaller car. Model X sales are still up this year, as it’s currently the only Tesla SUV.

As more and more high-range EVs hit the market, Tesla’s Supercharging network is becoming more important. As other companies have struggled to put together high-quality charging networks, Tesla’s Supercharger network continues to grow. Free, unlimited use of high-speed, dependable chargers makes fitting an electric car into your life that much easier.

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This is a very smart move because the Supercharger network is one of the only competitive advantages Teslas have against the European EVs from Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar.  Tesla needs to promote this as much as possible because it makes an EV much easier to live with.