The fine folks at Midwest Drift Union always put on a good event, as we've seen a few times in the past. Here we've got a video from Streets in Detroit, which just went down at the old train station recently last year apparently.


The roads around Michigan Central Depot are a perfect track since they're in a circle and, well, it's n0t like there's anyone at MCD to complain. I've seen some signs around town, however, that suggest that it won't be long before such events are heavily sanctioned or harder to pull off.

For one, there are windows popping up more and more in MCD. I don't know what Matty Moroun, the building's owner, is doing with the place, but maybe he's finally taken notice of the fact that demand for housing is rising in Detroit. A few notable examples: Condos selling in one day in Lafayette Park, $1,000 auction homes in East English Village selling for 30 times as much.


You know what I've also noticed, though? There's a big open field on Rosa Parks Boulevard (or 12th Street if you please) that's been perfect for some urban off-roading, but now it's all fenced up and there are cranes in the lot digging up stuff. In fact, I've noticed a lot of lots in the city being fenced up or being worked on. Two years ago, a building in my neighborhood was knocked down, but the rubble sat there forever. Two weeks ago, someone started cleaning it all up.

Thanks, Duggan? I guess. But it seems like a lot of Detroit's empty spaces are being filled in, which means fewer places to hoon. In the meantime, enjoy this vid. Sorry to go off on a tangent.

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