Watch Some Drifters Whip Around Detroit's Old Train Station

So while the rest of Southeast Michigan was engrossed in the Dream Cruise, some Formula D drifters snuck into town and were hooning all across the grounds of Michigan Central Station, which some of you non-Detroit residents might recognize as this hulking monolith.

Midwest Drift Union held some qualifying rounds on Saturday, miles and a county line away from the classic-car suburban cash cow that is the Woodward Dream Cruise. And by the looks of the video up above, it was awesome.


Between the stream of Instagrams coming from Pebble Beach and the Beach Boys aesthetics of the Cruise, I was easily getting fatigued with automobile gawking (which is blasphemous to admit in the Jalopnik universe, but still...have you been to the Dream Cruise?). I made it a point to do as much non-auto stuff as possible as far away from Oakland County as possible, one of which included a trip to Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn.

I usually take Michigan Avenue into Dearborn instead of the soul-sucking Southfield Freeway so I actually passed by MCS when this was going down, but I couldn't see what was going on. I did see a bunch of too-heavily modded rides parked on the other side of Michigan, including a sky-blue Mini Cooper with matching sky-blue rims, and assumed it was another bro-fest car show like the ones on Belle Isle or around the eastside.


Wrong. Turns out I missed out on some quality hoonage with some guys who know what they're doing behind the wheel. I wonder if it was coincidence or deliberate that this fell during Dream Cruise weekend? Because it certainly flies in the face of the slow drag up Woodward. (With all the recent news around Corktown and Southwest Detroit where this event was, I can't wait for local media to refer to this as the "Hipster Dream Cruise" next year.)


Here are two more videos from the event. Does Moroun know this is going on? Does he care? CAN DRIFTING SAVE DETROIT? So many questions.

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