I have no exact number for how many Focus ST models Ford is selling, but I've been seeing them a lot around Metro Detroit and not just in Dearborn. When the Fiesta ST is out, I imagine they'll sell just as well.

Until then, we'll just have to savor the video of Ford's rally Fiesta ST drifting across the city. It's a different iteration of the video Ray posted earlier directly from Ford Racing; both vids are part of the grassroots movement to bring the X Games here, but this vid is all Fiesta and no...fiestas. (Like that?)


Ray wanted to see more of the Fiesta in action on the roof of Cobo Hall (home of the Detroit auto show), and you've got that. But you've also got our driver drifting around Campus Martius (the center of downtown for those unaware), across Belle Isle (which is like our Central Park) and around the old train station used to illustrate every Detroit-is-dying story you've ever read.

And before you say "Detroit is so abandoned that you can drift freely...", remember we can get permits to temporarily block streets and what not. That said, if you come to town I'll show you a few places where you can drift without the paperwork.


We should know soon whether ESPN will choose Detroit or not. Keep your fingers crossed.


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