Cities Gunning For X Games Officially Reach Mud-Slinging Territory

First off, if you haven't done so already, vote for Detroit to get the X Games. Secondly, vote for Detroit. Third, the battle between Detroit and the other cities is getting brutal.


As a reminder, ESPN is looking for a host city for next year's big event and Austin, Detroit, Charlotte and Chicago are the top four in the running. We've told you twice on Jalopnik (here and here) that Detroit is the worthy contender. And yes, I'm totally biased. If the X Games comes here and you're in town, I will offer my gratitude by taking you to the new Whole Foods.

So far, the competition has been mostly friendly with a few jabs here and there, but now we're starting to get into the "sir, I challenge thee to a doo-elle!" part of the competition that'll inevitably result in backhanded insults, ragey Internet comments and hurt feelings.

Case in point: On the X Games Austin Facebook page, a message reads "Austin Hustles Hardest." To 99% of everyone else, that's a throwaway line. To us Detroiters, it's a slap at our "Detroit Hustles Harder" movement and clearly a throw of the gauntlet.


Not to be outdone, the good folks running the X Games Detroit Facebook page noted that whoever's running the Austin page isn't even doing it from Austin. Allegedly a Nashville consulting firm is running the page for them.

Not only that, X Games Detroit notes that a Chicago marketing firm — again, Chicago is in the running to host — is organizing a giveaway of shopping sprees to lucky voters in Austin. What kind of head-scratching outsourcing is going on here?


Keep it simple and vote for Detroit. The above video shows scenes from the Detroit movement's presentation to ESPN after they visited late last month. ESPN will pick the winner at the end of this month.



I won't vote for Detroit, and here's why. I grew up in Pittsburgh, moved away for about 12 years and returned. Now live here with my own family. Pittsburgh and Detroit both faced industry-related crises around the same time in the late 70s. One city, Pittsburgh, acted swiftly, intelligently and energetically to address and ultimately overcome this huge challenge. There were tough years, but never did Pittsburgh sit around asking for handouts, resort to finger-pointing, whine or sink into endless internal conflict and lack of accountability. The city stood strong, pulled together across all classes and racial groups, worked its ass off and is now a vibrant, beautiful city with a diversified economy. Pittsburgh is viewed, worldwide, as a shining example of renewal, community pride and excellent quality of living.

On the other hand, there's Detroit. Instead of doing all of the things Pittsburgh did and continues to do to address problems, Detroit has largely done nothing. Sure, there are little pockets of hope. Slows BBQ is a cute little joint. Eastern Market... bravo. The problem is, in Detroit people point to a small handful of perceived victories and immediately start patting themselves on the back like anything has actually been solved, problems solved. The fact is, Detroit is a disaster area. I know it is harsh to say it, but frankly Detroit does not deserve praise of any kind. It is rife with apathy. Not only do the many problems facing the city not even get addressed, let alone solved, but while the crisis festers, more and more problems get added to the already lengthy list. Detroit is an example of epic mismanagement, laziness and near total lack of accountability. And don't even get me started about "Detroit pride". A proud city doesn't look like Detroit.

Detroit is so eager to celebrate a resurgence....unfortunately Detroit has shown that it has no willingness to actually put the work in to start facing its many problems. Until that happens, there will never be a resurgence in Detroit. The city doesn't deserve the X-Games. Don't like it? Then EARN IT.