With an estimated 550hp and a price of $150,000 the new NSX has the potential to be a serious supercar, but it seems like it took forever to get the car ready for production. If you tired of waiting, or not real keen about having some electric motors with your VTEC, this 1995 race spec NSX-T can be yours.

While this particular example is not exactly street legal, it is a professionally assembled car for a relatively reasonable price of $39,995. You can find it at Luxury Motorcars in Sacramento CA -

This NSX is offered for sale after have the engine completely rebuilt and tuned. It makes 572 HP at the crank, has only had 8 hours since the rebuild and is extremely well sorted. It has been highly modified compete in the N.A.S.A. GTA class. The good folks at Driving Ambition in Cameron Park were responsible for the final stages of tuning and sorting. It came to our shop directly from Driving Ambition to be sold by its current owner. The gauge cluster was removed in place for an electronic system purpose built for this application hence no odometer reading. Brembo Brakes, Vortech Supercharger, Kinesis wheels, Tein suspension, Momo seats.


The major downside is to this car is that the NSX was one of the greatest "everyday supercars." You got Ferrari looks (back in the 90's) with Honda reliability. Your forty grand is going to be stuck on the circuit. However, we all know that the NSX is really at home on the track.


While you may not have the moves like Senna, this Acura will still throw down some serious lap times.

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