After what seems like years upon years, and concepts upon concepts, we finally have a new, real, Acura NSX. And it's Japan's answer to the future of speed.

How much speed is actually a huge question, at the moment, as Acura isn't throwing out any concrete numbers just yet. But last time we checked, Acura was swinging for the fences, talking about Ferrari 458-levels of velocity. And the 458 is the opposite of what you would call a slouch.

Though in traditional Acura form, they're aiming for the value segment. Well, as "value" as you could get, considering it is bound to be a brutally quick mid-engined sports car, so we're talking somewhere in the $150,000 price range. And that'll get you a twin-turbo V6, a three-electric motor "sport hybrid" system, and a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission.


Of course, it's not like the seemingly endless concepts were useless, as the new Acura NSX has actually morphed a bit on the road to production. Apparently the power pack wouldn't quite fit into the car itself, so the car's been stretched lengthwise three inches, widened one inch, and the cockpit itself was shoved forward a bit to make room for the longitudinally-mounted V6.


But let's talk about that interior, which is, well, an interior. That's really all the praise I've got for what's supposed to be some serious, $150,000 cockpit design. Even Acura themselves can't seem to get excited about it in their own press release:

The NSX interior boasts exceptional forward visibility, simple and intuitive controls, and class-leading ergonomics—most notably the seat, which features top-class holding performance with outstanding comfort and easy ingress/egress.

Visibility, controls, seats. Wow.

After all the teasing, all the hype, and all the promises, we're left with one question. Would anyone really rather have this thing over the new Ford GT? Or even a BMW i8, for that matter?


Who knows, is really the answer. Because in true Acura form, they won't tell us a single concrete statistic about it. Just that we'll be hearing more about what so far looks and sounds like 2011's hottest car "in the future."

Because it's the Acura NSX. Of course we'll have to wait.