You Can Buy The Ford GT Owned By The Man Who Designed It

Image Credit: Petrolicous

I’ll come right out and say it, the 2005 Ford GT is a masterpiece of a modern exotic car. It looked and drove amazing then and it has not aged one bit. Now you can buy a very rare example that was owned and modified by Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo.


Our friends over at Petrolicious have recently listed Camilo Pardo’s Ford GT for sale on their Marketplace for what is a relatively reasonable price of $320,000. That is a lot of coin, but this example is one of six “signature” series cars to have Pardo’s personal touch. It has what looks like a new high-mount exhaust, a new supercharger pulley and a tune on the engine. When you consider that the 2017 Ford GT, a limited-production car that you probably can’t buy, stickers for around $400,000, this car presents a very good value.

Not that you should necessarily be buying a supercar for value, but still.

Probably the best feature about the Ford GT is that it’s a supercar that you could drive every day without any of the finickiness that often comes with European exotics, yet the performance and style has held up very well for a car from 2005.

The new Ford GT might be a mind-blowing technological supercar, but I would take this analog version any day. I wonder how much one of my kidneys are worth?

Even if you can’t afford it, head on over to Petrolicous for some amazing Ford GT carporn.

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