Watch A Ford GT Designer Talk About Bringing The Epic Supercar To Life

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The all new Ford GT is a futuristic exotic car that pays homage to the legendary GT40, but some would say that the 2005 GT is perhaps a better embodiment of the retro design and character of original racer. Designer Camilo Pardo played a key role in the 2005 GT’s timeless looks.


Our friends over at Petrolicious sat down with Camilo, who was the lead designer on the program, to discuss the process and pressure of artistically expressing not only the curves and creases of the GT40 in a modern car, but also of crafting something that strikes a balance between retro and ageless. Even today the 2005 Ford GT looks like something that could have been built by a boutique restomod operation, yet it doesn’t seem dated.

It turns out that the GT almost didn’t make it into production, but the concepts were so well received that the automaker had to bring it to life. Camilo has owned several, yes, several, examples of his own creation—most of which were painted with his own unique paint schemes and livery.

The car you see here is his final iteration, and it looks just perfect.

Of course, it’s every designer’s dream to pen a car that will be remembered fondly by both collectors and enthusiasts. Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Camilo’s excellent vision of the Ford GT come to life.

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Our lovely Raphael Orlove saw Camilo and this GT in person............