Yes, Lamborghini Is Really Making An SUV

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This invitation to the unveiling at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show provides definitive proof that the much-discussed Lamborghini SUV — possibly named Lamborghini Urus — is really happening.

There once was a Lamborghini SUV so tough they called it the Rambo Lambo. It was a truck in the accepted sense, meant to replace the Jeep as the main transport of the U.S. Military. That honor went to the Hummer, instead, but enough of the LM002 Lamborghinis were built to fill the garages of a few lucky Sultans.


This latest "SUV" isn't really an SUV at all. It's a crossover. And it's not likely to be very tough. It should be less Rambo, more Spy Kids 3D: Game Over. Much like its Porsche Cayenne sibling, the three-door SUV will probably be capable of off-road performance but better suited to on-road driving.

The possible inclusion of the front suspension from a Gallardo only confirms this.

And that sucks. I'm sure the Urus will be as fast as any crossovery-SUV thing out there — a Porsche Cayenne Turbo can do umpossible things to a race track.


Lamborghini had the chance to make a vehicle as guano as the original LM002. Something different from all of the other super crossovers out there. Did we really need one faster than an X6 M?

Nope. If we couldn't get a new Rambo Lambo you'd think they could at least give us a Tango & Cash Lambo.

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I don't blame them for entering the market in the least; it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. I also don't think that it's brand dilution per se, so long as they can take the intangible elements that make Lamborghinis, Lamborghinis and effectively apply them here.

That said, I really can't say as I care for it. At least the Bentley SUV looked like it could be used for off-roading.