Is This The New Lamborghini SUV?

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These pictures, published in the appropriately-titled Italian magazine Quattroruote, claim to reveal the new Lamborghini SUV concept. Aventador styling on a tall Audi platform? Maybe. One thing's for certain, this ain't no rough-and-ready LM002.

The skinny in the translated article is that Lambo is bringing this as-yet-unnamed concept to the Beijing Motor Show in April, teasing a possible production model that'll drop in one or two years' time.

There appears to be much speculation about the powertrain, with few or no real facts. Speculation runs to the Aventador's V12, the Gallardo's V10 or even a new, more-efficient, Audi-based V8 or even [insert Italian for gasp] gasoline/electric hybrid that'll make the kiddie hauler all the rage amongst well-heeled hypocrites.


Lamborghini was actually the first dedicated maker of supercars to dip its toe into muddy waters. Released in 1986, the Lamborghini LM002 was much less about ferrying spoiled brats to soccer practice and more about arab sheikhs tearing up dunes out by the oil fields. It was powered by the same V12 used by the Countach and required its drivers to shift gears themselves using a [insert Arabic for gasp] clutch pedal and five-speed. This soft-roader won't ask so much of its drivers, instead shifting for them through some form of automatic transmission, possibly Audi's new 8-speed. You know, because more technological complication people don't understand and less involvement are what the 21st century supercar customer wants. Think of this as the "Blando Lambo."

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burglar can't heart click anything

Super tractor truck

Is really a Q seven

that's no Lambo, bro