Yep, Infiniti Got Creamed

Pop quiz: Which Infiniti is this?
Pop quiz: Which Infiniti is this?
Photo: Infiniti

Poor Infiniti decidedly did not have a stellar year last year. Abysmal sales figures reports from October led us to declare the automaker was getting creamed. And after viewing its recently published, overall 2019 sales figures, we can unilaterally conclude that, yes, Infiniti got creamed.


Last year, Infiniti only managed to sell 117,708 cars, down from 149,280 in 2018, according to a company press release that also highlights the brand’s December 2019 sales. Bravely, as though grasping desperately for a silver lining, it reports, “... the QX80 full-size luxury sport utility vehicle [had] its best month ever, with deliveries of 2,580, a 9 percent increase.”

True, the luxury SUV segment saw very strong sales during the last few months of 2019, so no doubt Infiniti was riding that wave. But if we zoom out just a bit and examine the bigger picture, things become very bleak, very fast. Every single one of Infiniti’s cars sold worse in 2019 than in 2018.

Every. Single. One.

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Look at all those minus signs! Negative percent changes in sales of the Q50, Q60, Q70, QX30, QX50, QX60, and QX80—coincidentally, also cars I cannot for the life of me accurately bring to mind, no matter how hard I try. I shudder to think of what would happen to me if I brought this report card home to my mother. She’d go straight for the drawer with the mahjong ruler.

A few things undoubtedly contributed to this. First, there’s Infiniti’s seeming inability to put up, like, ever. Second, former chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Carlos Ghosn’s 2018 arrest probably didn’t do Infiniti any favors. Then, after bad sales and Brexit uncertainties, Infiniti bounced from western Europe altogether.


Maybe 2020 will see Infiniti’s big comeback tour, the one where the brand will embark on its journey to go all-electric or hybrid by 2021. Or maybe Nissan will decide to pull a 2013 and cancel Infiniti for good. The numbers are certainly there to support this path.

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themanwithsauce - has as many vehicles as job titles

Negative percent changes in sales of the Q50, Q60, Q70, QX30, QX50, QX60, and QX80—coincidentally, also cars I cannot for the life of me accurately bring to mind, no matter how hard I try.

There’s the problem, right there. This is why Lincoln is moving away from the stupid 3-letter/alpha-numeric labels for cars. What is a Q50? Is it like the G55? Oh wait, it’s the new name for the old G37 second gen? Oh wait, no, that became the Q60. The M45 became the Q70, but not before becoming the M37/M55 first. And the old Q45 did not in fact become their Q50, but actually became the Q70.

EX/FX? It’s all QX now, baby!

How sad that a luxury company thought to name all their products like lumber. Q means car, QX means crossover, the bigger the number the more car you get. You want just 12 feet of car? Q50. Oh, you want more like 15 or 16 feet of car? Q70. You want 15 feet of car, but also some more height? QX60.

Congrats infiniti. You tried to copy Audi and BMW and Mercedes but forgot the number one rule - The reason why people know what a 3-series is, or what an S-class is, is because they didn’t get thick after a generation or two and suddenly decide that their entire naming system needs to get thrown away.

Let’s remember some infinitis!

Infiniti M45 - For when you want to wipe that grin off the face of the smug dick in accounting who drives an A4 with the 1.8t

G37/Q60 “IPL” performance variant - The official car of opening up your fifth subway franchise.

Infiniti FX50 - Most companies pay lip service and just say something in marketing about how their crossover is “inspired” by their sports cars. Infiniti just rips a massive line of coke and puts an SUV body on their sports car. Then decide they need more power so they drop in a V8 before they come back down. I’m not gonna lie, I have a soft spot for the FX50.