A late-night ride turned into a road-rashing crash for a motorcyclist in upstate New York last night. Worse than the injuries, which thankfully were minor, was the jerkbag driver of the black Suzuki Vitara who hit him and then fled the scene.

Here's what the biker wrote on Facebook. How did he know the car that hit him was was a Suzuki Vitara? All it took was a side mirror housing and some very savvy Google CSI work:

So this morning at 1:06 am, I was on my motorcycle, headed east on Rt 211, between Middletown and Montgomery. I put on my blinker, and make a blatant left hand signal to turn on to Van Amburgh road. As I began to turn, the vehicle behind me decided to attempt to pass me on the left side. I was hit. Bike went down and I slide a good ways.

The scum bag drove away without even tapping the brakes. I got up scraped and bruised, but bike didn't fare as well. I gathered the parts from the street. Inside the mirror housing was a part number. Google says the vehicle who hit me is a black Suzuki Vitara.

If you live in Wallkill or Montgomery NY area, be on the look out for a black Suzuki Vitara missing a passenger side mirror. If you see one fitting this description, please get their plate. Also, please share this so we can get wide spread coverage.


If anyone from the land of Orange County Choppers sees a Vitara with a missing side-view mirror, let us know. Let's find the cager who put this biker's life at risk on a lonely highway.