Would You Trade America’s Auto Market For Europe’s?

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Today we got a look into the hellish mire that is Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulation that significantly contributed to the downfall of station wagons and compact pickups. There must be something better.

We look to Europe as an alternative. Their fuel economy standards are 1,916 pages shorter than ours and they get tons of cool subcompacts and diesel manual station wagons. As Land-Rover Matt explains, not everything is perfect over there.


Hmm, our various emissions systems here in the EU make it just about impossible for an ordinary guy to own a big pick up where yours over there make it impossible to own a practical compact one!

As in so many things I conclude that the answer is somewhere in the mid Atlantic, it's all about compromise I feel. (Trouble is anything even vaguely related to the environment brings out ideological fanatics.)

Overall I feel that you Americans get more freedom out of it than us Euroweenies do, (disclosure: I love the idea of over sized pickups and off roaders with muscle car engines... I mean I wouldn't want to take 'em through the woods or do any serious work with them or anything but still) were your politicians and/or system more efficient you'd more likely be driving diesel Rangers and the F150s with luxury interiors and petrol V8s would be rare and the province of rich old men. Like here in Europe, honestly I've only seen F150s a few times.


This prompted a proposal from The Stig's graphic designer cousin.

Where I live, it is overrun with the damned things. I'd gladly send them all over to you in exchange for your diesel options.


Would you trade all the cars on sale in America for all the cars on sale in Europe? Before you answer, we're going to say that gas prices switch along with the cars in this hypothetical.

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