Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Like Batman, Canada seems to get all the wonderful toys. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe JDM Forester is just such an example of a car that Canucks get that the U.S. can't. No matter where you live however, you can still weigh in on whether this cool toy has a wonderful price.

Imagine for a moment an Audi s4 Avant, all rabid, threatening, and full of longroofie goodness. Now imagine that, only, in this case, with the pin put back in.

That's kind of what today's 1999 Subaru Forester is, at least in this car's JDM all-singing, all-dancing guise. You're no doubt familiar with the Imprezza-based WRX cars that Subie has sold over here. Well, they did similar performance fluffing to the Forester, only the Japanese kept those for themselves. Well, not all of them.

One thing that Canadians seem to love more than life itself is Ice Hockey. However, when they're not busy getting all pucked up, some of our Maple Leaf-waving friends like to bring older cars over from far-away places like Japan and Mother Russia. We've detailed just how difficult it is to bring a non-federalized car into the U.S., so you know what a nightmare that can be. In Canada the official position must be something along the lines of oh sure, why not, eh?


Sure why not, eh might just describe the rationale for purchasing a 1st-generation Subaru Forester as that roomy and capable AWD wagon has proven to be a totally sold citizen of a car. Generally though, they're more for going antiquing than auto crossing.

That's not the case with this ST-B Type A edition, which is a JDM model, but one that has found its way to just outside of Vancouver, Canada. The factory mods made to the car to pump up the volume include the turbocharged and intercooled 2-litre EJ205 which of course necessitates a working hood scoop just like a WRX. That in turn demands a body kit which makes this the meanest-looking Forester you'll find, one that looks sort of like it's wearing an WRXs skin, Silence of the Lambs-style.


On to the interior and you'll first note that the car comes with a Momo steering wheel. The next thing you'll notice is that that wheel is on the right side. That means you'll be shifting the five-speed stick with your left hand. Woot, five speed stick!

The rest of the interior, with its leather and cloth upholstery as well and the plasticky bits, all looks to be in excellent shape, at least in the ad. The bodywork on the outside is likewise in great shape, as well it all should be as the car rocks but 63,000 kilometers. That's less than 40,000 miles to you. The ad notes that the car runs as-new and needs nothing but a new owner's butt in the driver's seat to go, go gadget.


Of course, this being a Subaru the car is AWD. It comes with an aftermarket Blitzen exhaust ending in a fart can big enough for you to stick your head into, but thankfully isn't dropped to the point of ridiculousness. The car comes with a provincial safety inspection - which British Columbians say is a farce, but is still needed - and an $8,900 price tag.

That price is of course in Loonies, and at the moment that number of bird-emblazoned coins translates into about $7,050 U.S. or €6,500 for our Euro-using friends. If you're not a Canadian, then you most likely can't have this particular car, but you can still vote on whether that seems like a deal or not. What do you say, is CA$8,900 a fair price for this rare Sub? Or, is that a price that means the seller can't see the Forester for the trees?

You decide!


Kamloops Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to stuswap for suggesting this Nissan Patrol, which was on the same page as the Forrester.

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