World's Worst Custom Corvette: Supercharged Update

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Last week's utterly ridiculous Dragon Vette was spotted again and to nobody's surprise, now has even more add-on body cladding. It's also getting a Procharger Supercharger. Sure, because why not add extreme to absurd?

In case you haven't been following along so far, here's a recap. The customized 'vette we've nicknamed "Dragon Vette" was spotted in Evansville, Indiana by a forum member over at Corvette Forum. Although already sporting some of the world's worst taste in Krylon paint combinations — red and black with random chrome bits pasted everywhere ("Stage 1" gallery below) — when it was first spotted, the owner apparently decided to double down on the crazy. Stage 2 (gallery below), took the car from bad to terrible — adding every ill-advised, groan-inducing, hack PepBoys customization possible. It had Spray painted stripes, taped-on chrome trim, Kanji, Harley Davidson headlight visors to accentuate the tail lights, stuck on custom lettering and that dragon sculpture on the hood that gives us its name.


Now it's gotten even worse. A member over at LS1Tech was at the dealership when he strolled through the service bays only to discover the fire-breathing lust machine up on a two post lift and getting a Procharger Supercharger. Pictures below.

The Procharger system consists of a belt-driven centrifugal supercharger and an intercooler easily able to bump the Corvette's output to 600 HP. Okay, so the guy might be building the worst custom Corvette in history, but at least it'll be fast. (Hat tip to Rob!)

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Jonathan Harper

Jesus, what self respecting shop would allow such an atrocity upon their lifts?

Someone with terrible taste has a terrific amount of change to drop on his tyke.