The United Arab Emirates is the land of the supercars. They even give them out in malls, as one extraordinarily lucky cab driver found out this week when he won a $ 204,028 (Dh750,000) Gallardo LP550-2 in a local lottery.

Soupi Abdulla, 44, drives a Toyota van taxi for his day job, but hasn't owned a car in his life. He got around on a scooter. And he still will, even though he won a black Gallardo out of nearly a quarter of a million entries in a mall's shop-and-win raffle.

Wisely, Abdulla will never drive the rear-drive 542 horsepower Lambo. Ignoring vicious offers to buy his ticket from him, Abdulla decided to keep the car at the mall until he can sell it. He has a loan he needs to pay off for building his family home. His local mosque will get a donation and he wants to build more houses in his neighborhood. That's certainly a better plan than crashing it for insurance money.


He told the UAE paper The National, "my region is very poor. I will help these people from my village. Also my mother. My mother is very happy."

Abdulla earns around $272 (Dh1,000) a month, less than 1/20th of what the annual insurance payments on the Lambo would cost.


Photo Credit: Carspotter