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World’s Luckiest Cabbie Wins A Lamborghini

Illustration for article titled World’s Luckiest Cabbie Wins A Lamborghini

The United Arab Emirates is the land of the supercars. They even give them out in malls, as one extraordinarily lucky cab driver found out this week when he won a $ 204,028 (Dh750,000) Gallardo LP550-2 in a local lottery.


Soupi Abdulla, 44, drives a Toyota van taxi for his day job, but hasn't owned a car in his life. He got around on a scooter. And he still will, even though he won a black Gallardo out of nearly a quarter of a million entries in a mall's shop-and-win raffle.

Wisely, Abdulla will never drive the rear-drive 542 horsepower Lambo. Ignoring vicious offers to buy his ticket from him, Abdulla decided to keep the car at the mall until he can sell it. He has a loan he needs to pay off for building his family home. His local mosque will get a donation and he wants to build more houses in his neighborhood. That's certainly a better plan than crashing it for insurance money.


He told the UAE paper The National, "my region is very poor. I will help these people from my village. Also my mother. My mother is very happy."

Abdulla earns around $272 (Dh1,000) a month, less than 1/20th of what the annual insurance payments on the Lambo would cost.

Photo Credit: Carspotter

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Takuro Spirit

See, Americans? THAT'S what you do when you win the lottery or something of grandeur that you really can't afford to keep.