New evidence suggests David Dopp, the man who won a Lamborghini Murcielago and then crashed it six hours later speeding on an icy road, had a motive to intentionally crash the supercar. Amazingly, it turns out he asked Jay Leno to buy it from him well before he took delivery of the prize.


It only took an hour after we first posed the question for our crack-team of Jalopnik readers to unearth more suspicious evidence that Dopp was displaying a motive to intentionally crash the supercar he'd just won. And strangely, it involves Jay Leno.

Apparently, after the announcement was made that he'd won the car back in November, and then upon learning he'd owe $100,000 in taxes upon delivery, Dopp wrote on Jay Leno's Facebook page on November 28th:

Hi, I do not know if Jay sees these post but I have a problem on my hands. I know that Jay is a big car guy. I recently won a 2008 Lamborghini 2DR ROADSTER
Verde Ithaca. The stupid government wants around $100,000 dollars in taxes and so I am forced to sell it to pay the taxes. Plus as a father of six It is a very impractical car. I was wondering if anyone knew where the best place was to sell it? Thank you for any help that can be given. Sincerely David

Is this proof Dopp intentionally crashed the car for the insurance money? No. But it certainly does provide more evidence that the crash needs some serious investigation on the part of both authorities and the insurance company.


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