Photo credit: Stef Schrader

You may have taken home a chunk of car from a race weekend before. Spare canards. Chunks of carbon fiber. That’s neat and all, but did you take home a Ferrari door? Because this dude took home a Ferrari door from one of the Ferrari Challenge races this weekend at Circuit of the Americas.

Dude, that’s a door. A whole big chunk of door. I have a Porsche door in my living room, but it’s from my own stupid car, and it’s not an ultralight Ferrari door, either. I’m jealous of this Ferrari door.

Ferrari Challenge, one of our favorite rich-guys-with-money “gentleman driver” series, raced a whopping 56 Ferrari 488 and 458 race cars this weekend, which produced a lot of carnage. This door in particular was heavily damaged and not of much use to anyone; the carbon fiber was cracked all over.

That’s how you get a sweet throw-away Ferrari door, my friends.

Photo credit: Stef Schrader


Bonus: doors are an excellent source of shade on a very hot day. Definitely pick up a trashed door.