Wiesmann Might Actually Be Doing This

Photo: Wiesmann

Wiesmann, the German automaker that at any given point in time may or may not exist, released some images today of its new car, powered by a BMW-sourced eight-cylinder engine. There’s no name for it yet, but it sure does look like a Wiesmann.

In lieu of the name, Wiesmann are calling it Project Gecko, a reference to their factory, which looks like a lizard, and their logo, which has a gecko. The company said the car will make its debut in 2020. It will be mid-engined, rear wheel drive, “with perfect 50:50 weight distribution.” It will have the BMW M5's 4.4-liter V8, which makes 600 horsepower.


It will have all of these things, that is, if you believe it will exist at all. The company went bankrupt in 2013, before making a comeback of sorts in 2015, before announcing the creation of this car in 2017. Which brings us to today.

I, for one, hope they build this. Roheen Berry, Wiesmann’s CEO, seems to be deluded enough to do so, or as much as is healthy for the CEO of a boutique automaker.

From an interview in July with Luxurious Magazine, which is apparently a magazine:

LM: Who are Wiesmann’s main competitors, and how does it differ from them? RB: We don’t actually have any competitors, as we consider ourselves to be totally unique. We produce cars that are reliable just like an everyday car; as well as vehicles which are capable of speed and agility like a super sports car. We are also ultra-exclusive, similar to the top percentile of high value luxury cars. Furthermore, a Wiesmann will never lose its value...


Wiesmann has no competitors and they will never lose their value? Hmm.


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